Set / Change / Reset the MySQL root password on Ubuntu Linux

1. Stop the mysql demon process using this command :

2. Start the mysql demon process using this command :

3. Login to MySQL as root.

4. Set / Change / Reset your password with NEWPASSWORD

5. (Optional Step) If you have a root account that can access from everywhere:

Overriding the WebLogic JSF libraries Fails With JSF1030

When WebLogic 12.1.2 application overrides the Weblogic JSF libraries with the application’s own provided JSF libraries by using the following directives in an weblogic-application.xml:

Step 1: Add the following Maven dependency to your web application:

Step 2: Then add the following beans.xml to your WEB-INF directory

How to reset the lost Weblogic Admin User password?

Step 1. Make sure Weblogic Server AdminServer and the other managed server(s) are stopped.

Step 2. Make a backup of the AdminServer and managed server /data/ directory:

Step 3.Set your environment variables by running (Linux or Unix) or setDomainEnv.cmd (Windows).

Step 4. Rename the data folder.

Step 5. Reset Password

Step 6. Edit the file below and change the password to the new password.

The file format is shown below.

Step 7. Start the WebLogic domain.

Weblogic prefer application resources



For this problem we have to edit weblogic.xml according to the configuration below. The prefer-application-packages element specifies a list of packages for classes that must always be loaded from the application. For more information, see prefer-application-packages in Developing Applications for Oracle WebLogic Server.