About Me

My name is Ziya Ozkan Gokturk. I am married and I love spending time with my daughter and my beautiful wife.


I have earned my Masters in Computer Engineering of Middle East Technical University and Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering from the Bilkent University. I still continue my Phd.in METU, Computer Engineering, finished the courses and qualification exam.


In my 10 years of experiences, I have worked 1.5 year for Aselsan, 3.5 years for Siemens, 1 year Anel R&D and now in Ministry of Work and Labor. I have participated in software projects as a developer in these companies. I am a computer engineer with much enthusiasm and experience in developing software systems. I have the experience of leading, organizing and successfully accomplishing software projects with rich set of feature and functionality. Especially, I have been successful in bending abstract system requirements into real software solutions having high security and performance.

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Twitter: @ozkangokturk

Linkedin: Ziya Ozkan Gokturk

Email: ozkangokturk [at] gmail [dot] com

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