Pycharm run python with root privileges

1) Create a new interpreter for Pycharm. Firstly create a file with the following contents. As it is seen as a comment, your user needs NOPASSWD enabed which is explained in the previous posts.

2) Open PyCharm, go to File->Settings->Project Interpreter->Add Local

3) Then select the file which is created in step 1, and add that interpreter to Pycharm. Now you have a python interpreter which has root privileges.

Can not ping name server in Ubuntu

In Ubuntu if you can not ping Host Name but can ping IP, you’re stuck on a broken MS network like this, reconfigure your linux multicast DNS to use a different domain like .alocal.


1. Open the /etc/avahi/avahi-daemon.conf file

2. Add the domain-name=.alocal under the [server]. The default value is .local

3. Restart the daemon service

Set / Change / Reset the MySQL root password on Ubuntu Linux

1. Stop the mysql demon process using this command :

2. Start the mysql demon process using this command :

3. Login to MySQL as root.

4. Set / Change / Reset your password with NEWPASSWORD

5. (Optional Step) If you have a root account that can access from everywhere: